Wave necklace

Wave necklace

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The Blue Wave Pendant Necklace is a joyful ode to the magic of seas.

This beauty has been crafted in sterling silver and embellished with shimmery Swarovski® crystals. The pendant is a sparkling circle studded with a single row of clear crystals. The lower half of the circle depicts a single rising wave curving upwards. Deep blue and light blue crystals have been accented with pale yellow ones to create a sunlight dappled wave effect. A slim silver chain attached to either side of the pendant completes the necklace. The ocean is a symbol of knowledge and a rising wave signifies hope and joy. This necklace is the perfect wear for the lady with depths of oceans and positivity all through. We also stock matching drop earrings to go with this necklace.

Chic and shimmering

The Blue Wave Pendant Necklace has been crafted in sterling silver and adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystals. The pendant joined to a slim silver chain with two rings is circled by a row of clear crystals and features a single ocean wave curving upwards. The wave is studded with dark blue, light blue and yellow crystals. This gorgeous accessory can also be complemented with matching drop earrings from our Ocean range.

18 inch -20 inch adjustable chain, width: 0.82 inch, height: 0.82 inch