Swell Wave Anklet

Swell Wave Anklet

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 You will save 5 baby sea turtles with purchase! 

The Wave Anklet is a gorgeous piece of jewelry from Shanore’s Ocean Collection known for its marine inspired designs. Crafted in Sterling silver and embellished with sparkling turquoise blue Swarovski® crystals, it evokes the gracefulness of waves around your ankles. A strong look silver chain with a wave studded with glittering turquoise crystals make up this piece. The wave is believed to bring harmony and good luck to the wearer. Turquoise blue crystals evoke an oceanic feel and imbue the piece with the energies of the sea. Worn around a slim ankle, it brings all eyes towards your pretty feet. Pair with your evening out ensembles and dance the night away.

Gorgeous and graceful

The wave anklet  is a graceful accessory crafted in Sterling silver and embellished with turquoise blue sparkling Swarovski crystals. A plain silver chain and a glittering, crystal studded sand dollar drop create a magical feel around the wearer’s ankle.