Turtle Sterling Silver Anklet
Turtle Sterling Silver Anklet

Turtle Sterling Silver Anklet

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The Sea Turtle Anklet has been crafted in sterling silver, embellished with aqua Swarovski crystals.

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The Turtle Anklet in Aqua is a bewitching accessory from Shanore’s Ocean Collection. Crafted in sterling silver and embellished with sparkling turquoise Swarovski® crystals, it looks utterly beguiling wrapped around a slim ankle. This anklet is made up of a pair of silver chains joined at edges and a glittering, crystal studded turtle drop feature hanging from the clasp ring. The turtle with its strong back and long age span represents strength and longevity for the wearer. The turquoise crystals are said to evoke the ocean’s healing energies. This bejeweled beauty is perfect for adding a touch of meaningful glamour to your party night outfit. This piece can also be paired with other turquoise turtle design accessories from our collection.

Captivating and cute

The Blue Sea Turtle Anklet looks adorable with its twin chain and drop style. Crafted in Sterling silver and encrusted with shiny turquoise crystals, it signifies strength and long life for its wearer.